Episode 9 with A.C. Thompson

This week we sit down with ProPublica staff reporter A.C. Thompson.

His stories, which often examine the criminal justice system, have helped lead to the exoneration of two innocent San Francisco men sentenced to life in prison and the prosecution of seven New Orleans police officers. In addition to working as a print and web journalist, Thompson has reported extensively for television, serving as a producer and correspondent for the PBS documentary series Frontline. His life was fictionalized on the HBO show “Treme.”


Season 2 coming soon

Season 2 is starting with a bang as we Welcome Larry Livermore to the show. Something tells us, this is going to be good. Not only do we get to interview one of our favorite people we get to do so from the comfort of our new studio.

Look for it soon.

We’re also excited to announce our second guest of Season 2, A.C. Thompson writer for Pro Republica and producer for @frontlinepbs. More guest announcements soon.

This is going to be a good season.