Episode 4 with Alejandra del Pinal

This week Kevin and Joshua talk with Alejandra del Pinal about her work with Punks with Lunch, the Homeless Youth Alliance, becoming a punk, Powerviolence, Los Crudos, and so much more!

Alejandra del Pinal was born in Guatemala and raised in the East Bay. She grew up in the Bay Area punk scene and ended up booking and becoming co-head booker at Gilman when she was 18.

She formerly worked as a cook at high end restaurants and changed career paths to work with marginalized communities in a harm reductionist capacity.

She currently sings in a band called Rapid Decline and formerly sang in MRSA and No Fucks Given.

In 2015, Alejandra and a group of friends formed Punks with Lunch  operating out of her kitchen. That quickly changed her mindset and her goals and she eventually found work at the Homeless Youth Alliance.

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