Episode 9 with A.C. Thompson

This week we sit down with ProPublica staff reporter A.C. Thompson.

His stories, which often examine the criminal justice system, have helped lead to the exoneration of two innocent San Francisco men sentenced to life in prison and the prosecution of seven New Orleans police officers. In addition to working as a print and web journalist, Thompson has reported extensively for television, serving as a producer and correspondent for the PBS documentary series Frontline. His life was fictionalized on the HBO show “Treme.”

One Reply to “Episode 9 with A.C. Thompson”

  1. Hope Franklin

    If A.C. wants to break the story of a lifetime, he should investigate the twin techno-social RICO crimes of organized stalking and directed energy torture of civilians. Happening all across the world, but especially in the USA.

    Advanced surveillance and classified military directed energy (electromagnetic) weapons are used to track targets 24/7 in order to terrorize and torture them. Tremendous amount of money behind it. Suspicion that, at some level within the companies, all the Fortune 400 corporations involved with InfraGard are participating, as well thousands of local companies. Likely parts of federal, state and local governments and criminal cartels involved as well.

    A few of the symptoms victims experience also experienced by US diplomats to Cuba and China. See recent episode “The Sound of Silence” on “NCIS: Los Angeles” to get an idea of what this particular kind of assault looks/feels like. Stalking more involved but similar to that experienced by former Scientologists, as exposed by Leah Remini in recent “Spies Like Us” episode of “Scientology and the Aftermath”. See recent “Mind Control USA” episode of Travel Channel’s “Legend Hunter” for likely physical EVIDENCE of another kind of directed energy attack. (Note: that investigation did not look into current advanced technologies for other parts of the episode.)

    FBI domestic terrorism agent looking into prior incidents reported to the FBI to see how the cases were handled. This is THE human rights issue of the modern age.

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