Episode 17 with James Spooner

This week we sit down with James Spooner. James owns and operates Monocle Tattoo. Being a vegan for over twenty years, he pioneered a vegan tattoo procedure in Los Angeles in order to be consistent with his politics and lifestyle.

He describes himself as a pretty literal tattooer. “I’d be happy tattooing portraits, pictures of animals, and pretty ladies all day everyday”. One of his favorite things about tattooing is challenging clients to be more creative with their ideas. “You want a song lyric? Let’s illustrate the song instead! You want a bible verse? Let’s recreate a scene from the bible on your arm!”

He also is an award winning filmmaker and illustrator. His documentary film Afro-Punk sparked what many consider to be a movement within the black community. He is currently working on two full length graphic novels. You can follow him here: “Spooners No Fun”.

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