Episode 27 with Christian Joy and Jason Grisell

This week we sit down with Christian Joy and Jason Grisell, probably the two coolest people we have ever talked to.

Christian Joy is an American fashion designer and artist best known for her stage costume designs for Yeah Yeah Yeahs lead singer, Karen O. Using found articles and occasionally eschewing thread and print for glue and marker pens, she has influenced contemporary fashion with punk and DIY stylings. https://www.christianjoy.us.com/

Jason Grisell is a self-taught artist based in New York City. Growing up on the west coast, Grisell found himself connected to a certain realm of music, zine culture, folk art, and the mystique of the streets. A hyper-productive artist, Grisell is contantly creating new paintings, collages, music, and films. Albums released under the names ‘Bubbles’, ‘The Grand Hotel’, and ‘Harmony and Pollution’, acting in independent films, directing, writing and producing as a co-founder of Magic Square Films, the output is meditative, mythical, humorous, vibrant, and defiant — all at the same time. http://www.jasonpgrisell.com/

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