Episode 28 with Janelle Hessig

Janelle Blarg (otherwise known as Janelle Hessig) is a Bay Area writer, cartoonist, and humorist, best known for her contributions to small press and punk communities.

Janelle’s Tales of Blarg helped define east bay punk fanzines in the ’90s and beyond. Cartoonist, writer, riot grrrl muse, and one-woman laff factory, Janelle’s work can be found in subversive materials hidden under your mattress or hung on your shitty teenage bedroom wall.

She’s been a touring drummer, a pop culture journalist, and the marketing director for Last Gasp.

Her work has appeared in comics anthologies and on punk record covers since the beginning of time.
Check out her publishing company Gimme Action for work by Liz Suburbia, Brontez Purnell, and Hessig herself.

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