Episode 51 with Blake Schwarzenbach

This week we welcome Blake Schwarzenbach back to the show to talk about the pandemic, writing, the craziness of the past five years, Jawbreaker, and more!

Blake Schwarzenbach is an American musician. He is the singer and guitarist of Jawbreaker, and was also a member of Jets to Brazil, The Thorns of Life, and forgetters. He is known as the godfather of emo.

5 Replies to “Episode 51 with Blake Schwarzenbach”

  1. Brooklyn

    Amazing, thank you for having Blake on. I’ve spoken with him briefly a few times in Brooklyn and LA.

    Listening to him speak on topics that are right up my alley brightened up my day.

    Trying to navigate my way thru the anti culture disaster capitalism landscape that is post Trump coup America sometimes you forget that authenticity and kindness still exist and they exist in artists like Blake.

    I’m very interested in following you guys from here on out.

    Thanks again.

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