Episode 53 with Brandon Chadwick

Brandon began interviewing survivors of narcissistic and domestic abuse on his podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse in 2019, I began interviewing survivors of narcissistic and domestic abuse on my podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse. In that time, he’s published over 120 survivor stories, interviewed countless experts in the field, from therapists, to lawyers, to domestic violence advocates and agencies. 

Allowing his guests the space to tell their own story is unique in the podcast world of over the top interviewers. Brandon grew up in Toronto, Canada and loves all things punk. His show is the perfect example of DIY ethics and organic growth!


An individual is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds. Sexual abuse often happens in private, often repeatedly. The vast majority of sexual assault is not reported and sadly, is not addressed or prevented

helpingsurvivors.org is a compilation of information around different instances of sexual violence. They offer resources to assist survivors and their families, and we will continuously be adding more. They recently made a guide specific to domestic violence and sexual abuse. It has tons of great info, including how to help someone who has experienced this type of abuse and warning signs to be aware of:

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse – helpingsurvivors.org/domestic-violence-and-sexual-abuse/

To raise awareness about this very important issue, bicyclehealth.com recently published a comprehensive guide to help the public understand sexual abuse and assault. In this guide they cover the following topics:

-Signs & Symptoms of Sexual Abuse
-Harassment/Sexual Assault in the Workplace
-Sexual Assault in College
-Healing From Sexual Abuse & More

Please take a look:

Other resources in the US



Other resources in Canada

Shelter Safe


If you are in eminent danger call 911 immediately

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