• Episode 17 with James Spooner

    This week we sit down with James Spooner. James owns and operates Monocle Tattoo. Being a vegan for over twenty years, he pioneered a vegan tattoo procedure in Los Angeles […]

  • Episode 16 with Matt Nathanson

    This week we have a great talk with Matthew Adam Nathanson. Matt is an American singer-songwriter whose work is a blend of folk and rock and roll music. In addition […]

  • Episode 15 with Michelle Cruz Gonzales

    Michelle Cruz Gonzales was born in East LA in 1969 but grew up in Tuolumne, a tiny California Gold Rush town. She started her first band in that small town […]

  • Episode 15 with Father Greg Boyle

    This week we did something a little different. We interviewed Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy Industries.  While he is not a grown-up punk kid, he is a grown-up we respect […]

  • Episode 14 with Ella Bass

    This week we talk to Ella Bass about being on Top Chef, playing football, and much much more. Ella Bass is a student, chef, and athlete. She appeared in Season […]

  • Episode 13 with Miriam Klein Stahl

    This week we talk to Bay Area artist Miriam Klein Stahl about punk rock, teaching, resistance art, and much, much more. Miriam Klein Stahl  is an artist, educator and activist and […]

  • Episode 12 with Patrick O’Neil

    Patrick O’Neil is the author of the memoir: GUN, NEEDLE, SPOON (Dzanc Books, 2015), and another version in France under the title HOLD-UP (13e Note Editions, 2013). His writing has […]

  • Episode 11 with Daryle Lamont Jenkins

    On this episode Kevin and Joshua sit down with Daryle Lamont Jenkins and talk about his early days as a punk, his work with One People’s Project, fighting Nazis, Antifa, […]

  • Episode 10 with Gabe Meline

    This week we sit down with Gabe Meline to talk about writing zines, booking Green Day in High School, the Sonoma county fires, and more! Gabe Meline is KQED Arts’ […]

  • Episode 9 with A.C. Thompson

    This week we sit down with ProPublica staff reporter A.C. Thompson. His stories, which often examine the criminal justice system, have helped lead to the exoneration of two innocent San Francisco […]