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  • Episode 36 with Maggie Freleng

    Maggie Freleng is the host and producer of “Unjust & Unsolved” a popular new podcast about wrongful convictions. Formerly a Producer-at-Large for NPR’s Latino USA, she is an Adjunct Professor […]

  • Episode 35 with Adam Myatt

    Adam Myatt a.k.a. The Cat Man of West Oakland is not your normal crazy cat lady. After taking photos of West Oakland’s feral cat population for about a year, he […]

  • Megan Lynn KottMegan Lynn Kott

    Episode 34 with Megan Lynn Kott

    Megan has been working as a professional illustrator since 2006. In addition to creating beautiful watercolor pet portraits and traveling the craft fair circuit – Megan designs graphics, illustrations, and […]

  • Episode 33 with Joseph Gervasi

    Joseph A. Gervasi’s youthful punk projects included The Cabbage Collective,NO LONGER A FANzine, Philly Zine, and The Orgasmic Toilet Band. Non-punk later projects include Exhumed Films ( and his business, […]

  • Hannah ShawHannah Shaw

    Episode 32 with Hannah Shaw

    Hannah Shaw is a kitten rescuer, humane educator, and New York Times bestselling author who has dedicated her life to finding innovative ways to protect animals. Her project, Kitten Lady, […]

  • Episode 31 with Blake Schwarzenbach (recast)

    We’re celebrating finally getting the whole Jawbreaker trio on the show by recasting our Chris and Blake episodes. Enjoy. We discussed being the new kid all the time, art, music, […]

  • REPOST: Episode 7 with Chris Bauermeister

    Kevin and Joshua sit down with Chris Bauermeister (Jawbreaker) to talk about getting into punk music, toy stores, tattoos, mental health, his work at the Thurston County Food Bank, and a […]

  • Adam PfahlerAdam Pfahler

    Episode 30 with Adam Pfahler

    This week sit down with Adam Pfahler to talk about his first bass guitar, drumming, covid, Jawbreaker, and much, much more!

  • Episode 29 with Dan O’Mahony 

    This week we sit down with Dan O’Mahony. Dan is a musician, writer, and political activist from Orange County, California. He is currently the singer for Shiners Club, and the […]

  • Episode 28 with Janelle Hessig

    Janelle Blarg (otherwise known as Janelle Hessig) is a Bay Area writer, cartoonist, and humorist, best known for her contributions to small press and punk communities. Janelle’s Tales of Blarg helped define […]