Tag: Season 5

  • Episode 59 with J. Robbins

    Robbins began his career as a bassist for Government Issue, and has also led five of his own bands: Jawbox, Rollkicker Laydown, Burning Airlines, Channels, and Office of Future Plans. He was a touring bassist for Scream and […]

  • Episode 57 with Zach Barocas

    This week we sit down with the amazing Zach Barocas. Zach is best known for his drumming in Jawbox, The Up On In, and BELLS≥. He is currently at work composing material for […]

  • Episode 56 with Gordon Withers

    This week Kevin and Pepper talk with Gordon Withers! Gordon is a Post-Punk Cellist residing in the suburbs of Washington, DC. He plays cello with the J. Robbins Band, New […]

  • Episode 55 with Jon Wurster

    This week we sit down the amazing Jon Wurster! Jon is an American drummer and comedy writer. As a musician, he is best known for his work with Superchunk, the […]

  • Episode 54 with Mitch Hobbs

    Mitch was the mystery 2nd Guitar player on Jawbreaker Dear You tour. He’s also a husband, father, and one of the nicest guys we know. Mitch talks about growing up […]

  • Episode 53 with Brandon Chadwick

    Brandon began interviewing survivors of narcissistic and domestic abuse on his podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse in 2019, I began interviewing survivors of narcissistic and domestic abuse on my podcast, Narcissist Apocalypse. […]

  • Rich EganRich Egan

    Episode 52 with Rich Egan

    This week we sit down with Rich Egan, founder of Vagrant Records, to talk about managing Jawbreaker in a pandemic, running a record label, being a young skater in Santa […]

  • blake schwarzenbachblake schwarzenbach

    Episode 51 with Blake Schwarzenbach

    This week we welcome Blake Schwarzenbach back to the show to talk about the pandemic, writing, the craziness of the past five years, Jawbreaker, and more! Blake Schwarzenbach is an […]

  • Kira RoesslerKira Roessler

    Episode 50 with Kira Roessler

    This week we sit down for an amazing conversation with Kira Roessler. Kira Roessler is a musician, singer, and two-time Emmy Award-winning dialogue editor. She is perhaps best known as […]

  • Episode 49 with A.C. Thompson

    Season 5 kicks off with our friend A.C. Thompson joining us once again. A lot has happened since the last time he was on. Covid, BLM Protests, The United States […]